General policy

Define " Humans are the property most valuable " so the company always pay attention to the following purposes :

Cherish every dream , ambition and enthusiasm of all employees
Construction staff have bravery , dare to think , dare to do , dare to take responsibility
Building culture progressive and open-minded, appreciate any suggestions of employees
Creating the best conditions for people to learn, to improve the experience , knowledge of the curriculum and allows the development of individual ideas
Promote teamwork , evaluate the success of the collective higher success fish nhan.Danh the success of leadership on the basis of considering the success of employees and relationships with colleagues .

About Recruitment

Applicants who apply to be treated and evaluated in a fair manner, based on the experience, skills and knowledge related to the job position. We ensure that the most suitable candidates will be selected irrespective of religion, ethnicity, social class and nationality (except for some of the specific nature).
The evaluation, selection and recruitment of personnel we aim to:

The best candidates will be selected at the appropriate location.
There are human resources dedicated, qualified, dynamic, creative and willing to take challenges and have the potential to become the key employees in the future
Develop and maintain the core values at Grow Green AZ
Compliance with the rules of law
Identify customer-centered: encourage listening and dedicated to satisfying the needs of customers.

Career orientation

We will jointly develop a career path for each employee to ensure that work towards common and satisfy the desire of individuals
The company will send staff to participate in short-term training courses , long-term support or study costs for members to improve the capacity and quality of work
Grow Green AZ Company , the professional development be considered based on work efficiency and progressive attitude . Each individual can proactively suggest the skills , knowledge needs to be improved ; management is responsible for creating favorable conditions for the promotion of staff skills and proposed capital with superior training to improve their knowledge regularly .