Always loyal to the community benefits:
One of the reasons contributing to the continuous development of Grow Green AZ through the period is the policy of closely associating business interests with the interests of the community. This has helped Grow Green AZ position the brand firmly in the hearts of every customer.

Business philosophy “Always loyal to the community” is realized into 3 principles:

Only trading in good quality products.

Operating in the field of pharmaceuticals, Grow Green AZ understands that each product that the company distributes has a great influence on the health and quality of life of users. Therefore, our conscience never allows us to trade in products of poor quality or of unclear origin. To be included in Grow Green AZ’s distribution system, all products must be licensed by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and undergo a quality inspection process by a team of company experts. It must be a product that is effective, safe and has no side effects for health.

Only trading in products of natural origin

People in the world have never wished to “live naturally” and endeavor to “return to nature” like now. Health care is no exception to the trend of returning to nature. Grow Green AZ chooses to distribute natural medicines for two reasons:

♥ These products are user friendly: Can be used for a long time without causing side effects, not only for healing but also to help balance the overall health.
♥ These products are friendly to the environment: Increasing use of natural pharmaceuticals, limiting laboratory chemistry products … also contributes to protecting environmental resources, towards a green world. natural and sustainable development.

Always give priority to products using Vietnamese medicinal sources

Medicinal plants, animals and minerals are always available in nature and are richly diverse in a country with monsoon climate like Vietnam. In addition to the knowledge trained in traditional medicine, the experiences, traditional remedies in folklore of the people in the mountainous areas … are valuable treasures that his father left for the health of the Vietnamese people. Unfortunately, during a long period of time with the proliferation of the medicine industry, indigenous medicine in Vietnam has been greatly forgotten.

We always prioritize the selection and distribution of products using pure Vietnamese raw materials. Specifically, 90% of the pharmaceuticals that make Grow Green AZ products is grown organically by indigenous people in many localities across the country. This helps the company easily control the quality of products, while contributing to creating jobs for people as well as preserving and reviving indigenous medicine.

Grow Green AZ has seriously implemented the 3 principles above, with the desire that business activities will not only bring profits to the company but also bring great benefits to the community: Health for consumers; better quality of life for herbal medicine farmers; and a green planet of sustainable development for future generations.