About us

We – Grow Green AZ, was founded on March 26, 2014 in Hanoi. Our mission is to provide the community with a comprehensive and sustainable health products.

With this aim, Grow Green AZ operates in three core business, including:

  • Health protection foods
  • Cosmetics
  • Commercial service

Based on Vietnamese traditional medical principles, established by zen master and practitioner Tue Tinh: “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese medicines,” Grow Green AZ has sought, collected, and developed products from combining knowledge from well-known Vietnamese local medicine practitioners with Western modern science. All of our products have been examined and evaluated by Advisory Committee of Experts with high credibility in both global pharmaceutical industry and Vietnamese traditional medicine. To ensure the safety of our products, we have carefully located and built four certified organic farms for raw materials.

Since 2014, Grow Green AZ has continued to develop and improve our products as well as service quality. We have focused on building three types of solutions to community’s health:


  • Men’s and women’s physiology care to improve mental health: OB Sea Oyster, Zman, Zman Herbal, Zlove, Zspa…
  • Sustainable beauty care: Sustanable White AZ, Zbeauty, Zhair, Zhair Cream…
  • Internal balance to improve comprehensive health care: Fresh Lotus Essence OB, Healthy Blood Protection, Anika, Bibro, Hamosen, Gout AZ, Zhealth…


With these products and services, Grow Green AZ wishes to work with the community to reassure our customers to take the lead on their journeys to SELF-FULFILLMENT.

Human resources

Human resources

Through 6 years of growth and development, the people at Grow Green AZ have made great values and have contributed to the success of Grow Green AZ today.

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Customer Services

Customer Services

Grow Green AZ aims to develop to become a leader in comprehensive health care for Vietnamese people, bring TRUST to our customers on their journey to SELF-FULFILLMENT.

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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision, Missions & Core Values

Grow Green AZ is committed to providing the community with products of good quality, safety, high treatment efficiency and the best service at a reasonable price with the highest responsibility for society.

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With the existing strengths and injections, GGAZ aims to boost the export of products to the world, to step with large corporations of continental scale.

Strategic products

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