Four common diseases on Spring

Do not change your daily activities too frequently, practice more gentle exercises, eat lots of fiber food and limit alcohol consumption.

“Temperature, during the New Year’s days, is often cold and humid, enabling the bacteria to grow and cause disease, so unreasonable eating and living habits may also cause many diseases, depending on the age and location, each person has different diseases”, Dr. Nguyen Thi Son, University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, said.

Digestive disorders

People may suffer from such symptoms as bloating and indigestion if they have habits of eating foods with high-protein, high-fat and/or low-fiber. Digestive process often is more difficult and result in seriousness for above-mentioned symptoms when people drinks carbonated beverages and alcohol.

Everyone should maintain the daily high fiber diets with green vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes. Keeping habits of drinking plenty of water right after waking up and before eating will stimulate bowel movement.

Peptic ulcer

Less-moderation, rich stimulants eating habits, drinking a lots alcohol also can cause such acute complications as stomach or duodenum bleeding or perforation, affecting the digestive system.

Setting up limitation on drinking alcohol, for instance drinking only two glasses of wine a day is a good way to help protect your liver in good function.

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Both children and adults is prone to suffer from diarrhea, which includes signs of vomit, diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain; moreover, severely symptoms as dehydration, electrolyte disorders can progress to chronic.

People those who suffer from diarrhea should immediately stop eating more food and vomit out all what they had previously eaten; then, salted porridge or orezol should be eaten to make up the lost water and salt.

Respiratory disease

Temperature on New Year’s days is often cold and humid, enabling the growth of bacteria. All kinds of decorations, fresh pollen easily cause children to get allergies, colds and respiratory diseases.

Patient with common diseases on Spring should pay more notice on keeping warm and clean body, drink lemon, ginger juices, honey, and eat more fruits which is rich in vitamin C. Another notice should be paid that the patients should not share towels, toothbrushes with others, do not change your lifestyle too much if not necessarily, should do more gentle exercise in the morning.